Thinking about our "last experience". Or what we would want to feel before we died, what would you think of? What would you want to feel? 
          I kept coming back to this motif of a scene in which the ocean meets the mountains, a sort of final frontier, accompanied with emotions and memories of the positive things I had done. The friends I had made, the loves I've had the happy moments that we tend to forget about or not give enough weight. In a conversation with a dear friend below, we explored this idea which I visually translated into this poster. 

"No that's it, you know that's it, because one of the last project we did last semester was sort of visually displaying the idea of your last experience, or what is the last thing you would want to feel before you die, and it's interesting how many people take it as a joke too and you see every in the class talk about it, so for me I was taking it so seriously and I was really thinking about what would I want to feel in the moment before I die, and for me it would be as you explained it, as a sort of recollection of all these memories these positive experiences I’ve had, these positive impacts that I’ve had on my family, or the friends I’ve made that I consider my family , and just being reminded of all that in that last moment that I did, that I didn’t have to achieve fame or money , that in the end that I really did make people happy that I made myself happy and then also just seeing the ocean or a point where the ocean meets the mountains, for me was super crucial, that was just something that I’ve seen a couple times throughout my life" 

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